Tokonoma garden display


DSC07732A wonderful day before winds will be ripping off some leaves the next days. The Tokonoma was used to do some recordings for next years new videos. I will later this year announce some news about these videos, so stay tuned. Cliffhanger intended.


The tree is a Crabapple I have been working on for some years (12 years to be exact). Startet as a garden yamadori tree, I got from a friend. Cut back and regrown. Now it is time to add finer ramification, but it will newer be as dense as a Japanese maple. It has a different nature, and I have to go with this.


Enjoying bonsai before the rain

Heavy rain showers are announced, so I set up the daily display without using scroll or tables. Just protect these from the weather later. Sun is still shining, so it is about enjoying before we will be inside the house mostly the next days.






The light of winter

Finally we got a little period with frosts and a clear sky. The Tokonoma plays well at such a day, when the bright lights are filtered trough the trees in the garden.

Crab Apple, Malus s.

The trees benefit from the frost, killing bugs hiding under the bark or in the soil, and also helps the trees into winters dormancy. It has been so warm lately that some Potentillas i.e. began to show signs of growth and buds opening. Way too early.

As long they are not frozen and heated up by the morning sun, it will not damage the trees to receive some short frosty periods. I keep my bonsai away from the morning sun, because it may harm the needles when the cooled down leaves are heated up to sudden. Then inverse osmosis might happen, draining the leaves for sap, causing dried out leafs. Therefore it is essential to keep evergreen trees shaded in the morning hours. If  we get more persistent frosts I will put the trees in a shelter. But for now it is only -2C and positive temp. in the daytime.


At the Tokonoma is a Juniperus procumbens which I am preparing for the EBA exhibition at Noelanders in a few weeks. Still needs a little cleaning up.

Merry Christmas


2016 is running out slowly, and we are going to enjoy Christmas time here. Weather is bonsai friendly, so i still enjoy bringing a bonsai to the outdoor Tokonoma build this summer. One of the things that happened in 2016 was moving to our new place at the countryside, now living among large trees with views over the fields. A new garden is established and progressing really fine.

2016 was a busy year travelling. India once, and twice I went to Germany doing workshops. Also events at home, doing our traditional exhibition at the Japanese Gardens with Fuchi Bonsai, and a shohin workshop at Keyaki Bonsai Klub in Copenhagen.

2017 will be active as well, first of all going to Noelanders and EBA in February and other events in Denmark will follow. Thanks everybody for following the website/blog, Facebook and Instagram. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

A few pictures from the year 2016 below.

Tokonoma night lights


Tokonoma version 2.0 Now light is installed in the outdoor Tokonoma, finished this summer for enjoying bonsai viewing. This makes it possible to make a display in the evenings during the darker periods of autumn. Displayed is a not yet finished Japanese maple, but chosen for the autumn leaves change.