Demo and workshops

Lectures, workshops, and demos are available for bonsai clubs, commercial bonsai dealers, event organizers. With +25 years of bonsai experience, Morten Albek has a great knowledge to hand over to students.

Although the benchmark of Morten Albek is Shohin-bonsai, he masters a great variety and styles of bonsai, from midsize to large bonsai, flowering, deciduous and evergreens. Also the art of exhibiting and display bonsai is a key feature that Morten teaches.

Morten Albek adjusting leaves at a Malus sieboldii, Crabapple.

Please contact at e-mail for further information and inquiries.

Morten Albek is a worldwide recognized bonsai artists and has won many prizes. He is  featured in the Jubilee book of Daizo Iwasaki, there are written articles published internationally. In 2008 he published his book ‘Majesty in Miniature, Shohin Bonsai, unlocking the secrets of small trees’. This book was the first book fully dedicated to Shohin-bonsai, and is now sold out.  In 2014 Morten Albek was appointed as Ambassador of Shanghai Botanical Garden for promotion of Bonsai Art.

Morten Albek has been working as a cameraman and photographer since 1989. But before that he has examined gardener with a speciality in orchids in 1982. Morten Albek started on his bonsai journey in 1993, and has since worked on building up knowledge and skills, and is today teaching bonsai, especially Shohin-bonsai internationally.

In 2003 the Shohin-bonsai Europe website was published, and is today probably the most visited website when searching for information about Shohin-bonsai.
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