Tokonoma garden display


DSC07732A wonderful day before winds will be ripping off some leaves the next days. The Tokonoma was used to do some recordings for next years new videos. I will later this year announce some news about these videos, so stay tuned. Cliffhanger intended.


The tree is a Crabapple I have been working on for some years (12 years to be exact). Startet as a garden yamadori tree, I got from a friend. Cut back and regrown. Now it is time to add finer ramification, but it will newer be as dense as a Japanese maple. It has a different nature, and I have to go with this.


7 thoughts on “Tokonoma garden display

  1. Amazing Morten,
    Your photos are gorgeous and show
    all the beauty of our hobby.

    Kind regards

  2. Love your website and your videos from earlier this year. I have to ask… what is that accent plant? Does it look like that year-round?

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